Frequently Asked Questions About Command™ Products

Do Command™ Strips stick to fabric? How long do Command™ Strips and Hooks last? Read the most frequently asked questions (and the answers!) to learn more about using Command™ Products.


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To what surfaces will Command™ Products stick?

Painted, stained or varnished wood, glass, tile, painted cinder block, plaster, metal, and painted wallboard.

Climate and Temperature

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What can happen to Command™ Products in Extreme Heat or highly humid climates?

The adhesives on Command™ products may soften at temperatures above 40°C. If you are expecting a heatwave, it is recommended you remove any picture frames and then re-mount when weather conditions return to normal. In highly humid locations within the home such as in the bathroom or in parts of the country that experiences regular high humidity, try our special Water-Resistant line of products (blue strip) which are clearly marked on our packaging.

Product Information and Use

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Can I use more than one hook if I want to hang an item that's heavier than the weight listed on the package?

No. We don't recommend it. Weight may not be distributed equally and can result in failure.

  • Command™ adhesive is designed to stay in place for as long as you need it to, and will stay put for many years. Therefore, Command™ Hooks and be used as temporary or permanent hanging solutions. When you do want to take them down, they stretch off cleanly, without damaging your walls.​

  • Command™ Hooks are water-resistant. Command™ Water-Resistant Strips also hold strongly in humid environments.

  • The strongest is the Command™ X-Large Utility Hook , which can hang heavy items up to 15 lbs or up to 6.8 kg. Check our How to Choose Hooks article to see the hooks that meet your item's weight requirements.

  • Hooks are perfect for hanging inside cupboards, closets, lockers or on display in kitchens, laundries, entryways, bedrooms, bathrooms, boats and campers. Learn more from our blog here. Most packages of hooks come with extra strips so the hooks can be reused or repositioned.

    Picture Hanging Strips are great for hanging one or multiple picture frames without wall damage. We also have dedicated picture hangers that suit frames with sawtooth and wire-back attachments, easle back stands and canvases. Our diverse range of products help you be more organised, whether it's mounting mops and brooms or hanging up decorations for your next celebration.

  • Simply heat up the base plate with a hair dryer to soften the adhesive. Then use dental floss to gently cut through the foam to remove the hook or hanger from the surface. Stretch or peel off the remaining adhesive. See How to Use

  • The one-hour wait ensures that the adhesive has had enough time to build strong adhesion to the wall or surface.

  • Many household and window cleaners leave behind a very thin layer of residue that affects how strongly the adhesive will bond to the surface. Use Isopropyl Alcohol available through chemists or local hardware stores. Methylated spirit is not recommended.

  • No. Command™ Strips contain an adhesive that is a synthetic rubber resin and does not contain natural rubber latex.

  • Command™ Products are available at many retail stores and online. Visit our product catalogue, click through to your favorite Command™ product, and navigate to the Where to Buy button to find a store near you.

  • Weights vary depending on which product is being used. Check out the product weight limits to find the right product based on the weight of the item you want to hang.

    Weight indicated on package for the following Command™ Picture Hanging Strips are currently being modified to streamline weights indicated thereon. However, there is no change in the products themselves, only on the weights indicated in the packaging.

    • Old
      Strip Size 2 pairs 4 pairs
      Medium 2.7kg 5.4kg
      Narrow 2.7kg 5.4kg
      Large 3.6kg 7.2kg
      X-Large 9kg
    • New
      Strip Size 2 pairs 4 pairs
      Medium 2.5kg 5kg
      Narrow 2.5kg 5kg
      Large 3.5kg 7kg
      X-Large 9kg
  • No, you cannot reuse Command™ Picture Hanging Strips as they are for one-time use only. Command™ Picture Hangers (Universal and Canvas Hangers) may be reused with a Command™ Refill Strip (see instructions for more information).

  • They can be used either direction. However, best to use vertically for optimal performance and removal.


  • Ensure that you have left at least one hour before you hang your picture frame. Once you have positioned the frame in initial application, we always recommend that you remove the frame from the wall (grab frame at the bottom and peel off surface).​

    Once the frame is taken down, then make sure you press firmly on all the strips again for 30 seconds to ensure they are firmly in place (i.e. press on strips on the wall and on the back of the frame). Wait one hour before rehanging picture (to allow the adhesive to bond), and when doing so, listen for the 'click' to ensure the strips are 'locked' in place.

  • Ensure strips have been separated along perforations before pairing together. Ensure you have pushed each set of strips firmly through the frame for 30 seconds when first applied.

    For further information, please contact us at +65 6450 8888.

    Ensure strips have been separated along perforations before pairing together. Ensure you have pushed each set of strips firmly through the frame for 30 seconds when first applied.

    For further information, please contact us at +65 6450 8888.